In today's competitive market, you want to attract and retain the highest level of talent. Reward a job well done with perks that leave a lasting impact. Meaningful rewards and incentives add to a culture of appreciation and inspire employees to always bring their 'A' game. 

Your employees are your most valued asset. When they go above and beyond, why not reward them with a perk that does the same. It’s a competitive job market and you want to attract and retain the top talent. A culture of appreciation is the unsung hero of your compensation and benefits package. Employees want to be recognized and they want to know their contribution matters. Meaningful rewards and incentives add to a positive work environment while motivating your work force to be all in. 


We’re more than a just a vendor. We’re your trusted and loyal partner in creating meaningful and memorable rewards for your employees. We’ll work with you to create programs that engage employees, increase productivity and reinforce a culture of appreciation and success. 

Think of us as your rewards concierge. We take perks to a whole new level by offering more than the standard discounts and recognition programs to create customized rewards that are as unique as each of your employees. Why settle for a simple “thank you” when your perks can garner a “WOW, you shouldn’t have!”  But really, you should have.  

The creative vision of entrepreneur Gary Stein, Quirky Perk is redefining rewards. With 25 years of experience in the corporate concierge industry, Gary is applying the same principles to the total rewards space. QP provides superior service in creating meaningful experiences that will enhance your benefit offerings and make your company a stand out.